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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the number one way to reach more customers without the cost of running paid ads. Google has a specific algorthim in which they rank websites and Google business listings. At Illinois Global SEO, we are masters at manipulating this algorthim, without using any black hat strategies (White hat SEO).

We specialize in both, Google Maps Listings (Local SEO) and Google Search Engine results (Organic SEO). These two things will change your business forever.


“7 out of 10 customers visit a business or make a purchase based on information they found online.” – Google

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a business listing on the Google Map Pack. When someone searches for you service or keyword, a map pack will be triggered at the top of Google.

Statistically speaking, this map pack is the number one source for generating customers for your business. SEO has the biggest return on investment in all of digital marketing.

Remember: these are people that are actively searching for your service. You don’t have to spend money trying to chase them. It’s much more powerful being positioned high on Google than it is posting more ads than your competition.


Did you know that 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results? 

Organic SEO is how Google ranks your site based off the search engine results page (SERPS). This is the specific SEO strategy that we use to rank businesses in different locations.

Google can only rank your business in the map pack based on the area your business is located. So if you want to target customers outside of your town, you must create location pages for that specific keyword. 

The organic search results usually can be found above or below the Local Map Pack. Organic search rankings have different ranking factors than Local SEO.

The main difference between Organic SEO and Local SEO is the website. Organic rankings are all dependent on the website’s optimization. There are many factors when it comes to organic SEO, but the two most important ones are:

1) Link Signals

Link signals include inbound anchor text, backlinks, and internal links on the website.

2) On Page Optimization

On page optimization is essentially allowing search engines to read your website clearly using NAP (name, address, and phone number), keywords in titles, and having domain authority on that page.

These two things are the primary focus when ranking a business’s website organically.

Understand that organic rankings take time, and usually require at least 6 months of SEO to see results.


Our SEO process usually starts with a phone call. When customers call us looking to rank their business on Google, we immediately follow a step by step procedure that kick starts their SEO campaign.

1) Competition Analysis

The first plan of action will be competition analysis.

We will analyze your competition for keywords, backlinks, domain authority, and review signals to understand exactly what it is we need to do to out rank your competitors. We can give you a quote on our Joliet SEO services based on if your niche is competitive or standard. 

2) Optimize Google My Business Listing

After you’ve agreed to price with us, we will then optimize your Google My Business Listing

We will start by claiming your listing (if you haven’t already) and begin implementing geotags for images. We will also implement keywords, local landmarks, and optimize by targeting a 15 mile radius for your business.

3) Website Optimization

After we optimize you Google listing, we will then begin optimizing your website. Based on our keyword reasearch, we will create a silo structure throughout your website on the most common search queries that will generate you customers.

Throughout the website optimization process, we will implement the following things:

  • CUSTOM IMAGE OPTIMIZATION (alt tags, sizing optimization)
  • HOME PAGE OPTIMIZATION (word count depends on competition analysis)
  • SERVICE PAGE OPIMIZATION (up to 7 services)
  • LOCATION PAGE OPTIMIZATION (one location page per month)
  • BLOG PAGE OPTIMIZATION (1 blog post per month)
  • INTERNAL LINKING (for keyword services)
  • ON PAGE SEO (keyword density)

4) Off Page Optimization

After we optimize your website, we will then begin our off page optimization process.

Off page optimization is the process of gaining authority on Google. We do this by creating citations and building backlinks.

Citations are listings on business directories throughout the internet. They essentially tell Google that you are a verified business and should be taken seriously. Citation signals account for 15% of the ranking factor. 

We use YEXT for our citation building process. It generates 100+ citations for $500 a year.

Along with citations, we also build backlinks through guest blogging from high domain authoritive sites.

We build backlinks based on the competition’s. So depending on how many they have, we will build more.

We build one guest blog backlink per month. 

Be sure to check out our Joliet Web Design service page to learn more about our website design process.

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